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22 May 2012 @ 02:01 pm
The Birth of The Gauntlet Trilogy  
Every author is inspired in one way or another when it comes to creating original fiction. Some are prompted by pictures, others inspired by quotes, and still others are motivated by real-life events. The origin of and inspiration for The Gauntlet Trilogy began with a simple roll of the die.

Cheryl Dyson, author of The Gauntlet Trilogy:
When I decided to write an epic fantasy novel, I wrote a list of twenty potential characters. I rolled a twenty-sized die and used the first seven. The original list:

1 The Bridegroom
2 The King
3 The Demon-possessed
4 The Assassin
5 The Animal Ruler
6 The Princess
7 The Spoiled Daughter
8 The Horsewoman
9 The Singer
10 The Healer
11 The Shape-changer
12 The Holy Man
13 The Child
14 The Hunter
15 The Runner
16 The Stargazer
17 The Silent One
18 The Witch
19 The One Who Hates Men
20 The Egotist

The first rolled was the Horsewoman (who became Alyn), then the Bridegroom (Brydon), the Healer (Verana), the Shape-changer (Davin), the Silent One (Shevyn), the Holy Man (Jace), and the Assassin (Toryn). I also checked off the Princess later, although there are quite a few of those. In Book Two I needed another character and pulled up the trusty list to roll the Child, who turned into Lyryn. An argument can be made that Daryna is the Spoiled Daughter, but she evolved naturally rather that being brought to life by the roll of an icosahedron.

On that page I also drew the first rough sketch of the map, which includes Redol, Falara, Akarska, Terris, Canaar, Penkangum, Ven-Kerrick, and Silver in vaguely the same locations they now inhabit.

And there you have it. A few rolls of a multi-sided die were all that it took to instigate the creation of a vast and sprawling world. Comment below and tell us what inspires you as a writer!