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07 July 2012 @ 09:12 pm
The Gauntlet Trilogy - Character List  
In case you have trouble remembering, here's a basic rundown of the characters you'll find in The Gauntlet Trilogy:

BRYDON REDWING - A knight-priest from Falara on a quest to bring the fabled, magical Gauntlet of Ven-Kerrick back home, in order to marry the princess and ascend the throne.

TORYN OF REDOL - A footloose would-be assassin who tried to end Brydon's quest before it began. He now joins Brydon on his journeys, mostly to avoid returning home as a failed killer and admit he has grown to like the man he once set out to murder.

ALYN - A horse-obsessed woman kidnapped from her homeland, she is now embroiled in a conflict with people who once meant nothing to her, but for whom she now feels loyalty towards and, quite possibly, even some affection.

DAVIN - A silver-haired man rescued from slavers. Davin has abilities beyond even his knowledge. Will they be his salvation or lead to his ultimate destruction?

VERANA - A healer from the Order of the Rose, drawn into Brydon's troubles by her sense of duty and her profound respect for Jace the Wanderer.

JACE THE WANDERER - A wandering knight-priest from the Order of the Shield, Jace was rescued by Brydon and now works to recover the gauntlet and restore order to Ven-Kerrick and the Concurrence.

SHEVYN - A mute girl rescued from slavery by Toryn and protected by Brydon, who turned out to be the last descendent of the royal Ven-Kerrick family. Though restored to her throne, she knows her kingdom will not be safe until the Dark Master is defeated.

SELLARIS - A rebellious red-haired beauty obsessed with Brydon. She was responsible for removing the gauntlet from Ven-Kerrick and now works with the Dark Master to bring about the destruction of the northern kingdoms.

LAVAN - Sellaris's petulant brother. He seems to have little will of his own and is content to follow his sister from place to place and scam to scam.

GARYN - A turncoat from the band who stole the gauntlet, he befriended Toryn and now seeks to atone for his former deeds.

RAKYN - A Prince of Silver, he rules Darkynhold from the Black City. His powers rival Brydon's and he seems willing to train Brydon in their use--but at what price?

NYKAR - Friend, bodyguard, and confidant to Prince Rakyn.

DARYNA - Daughter of Haaryd, a Thalarii chieftan. She was ordered to guide Toryn to the sea, whereupon he abandoned her and earned her eternal wrath.

MIKYL - A Thalarii chieftan not content to rule his small band of riders. He once thought to marry Daryna, until she rode away with a despised man from the north. He seeks power over all of Thalarii and, eventually, the northern kingdoms, as well.