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30 December 2012 @ 08:11 am
The Gauntlet Thrown - REVISED AT LAST!  
I know we've been promising you guys an edited version and it's FINALLY FINISHED! We also commissioned some new cover art to match the art on the second book (and we've also snagged our fabulous artist to do the third cover) so they will be matchy-matchy now.

The third book is coming along nicely, although I admit to spending far longer than expected editing the first book. I just wanted a really clean copy out there for the day when we can release the trilogy in one pretty set (and possibly offer a hard-copy since my own sister won't read it unless she can hold the paper version in her hands - seriously, the nerve of some people, LOL) but now it's ON TO BOOK THREE. That one is called The Choice of Weapons and the moment I get a teaser version of the cover I will be posting it.

ANYWAY, on to the links for the 2nd Edition of The Gauntlet Thrown for those interested in replacing their messy first edition:

(Isn't it gorgeous? Our cover artist is the amazing and talented Julija! Here is her DA page: http://luluha.deviantart.com/)

Clicking the cover will take you to the XC Publishing website. If it doesn't, just click here: http://xcpublishing.net/