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07 August 2013 @ 08:32 pm
Some exciting changes  
I know we haven't posted here in some time, but we've been quite busy revamping the webpage and creating linked blogs so that we can update everything at once and try to stay on top of all the things! It's been a long learning process as technology keeps changing just when we think we've got a handle on it.

With that said, feel free to check out the new website and follow any and all of our authors on their new blogs! You can ask them questions and pester them mercilessly about when the next works are being released. We will try to update here more frequently and not just on Facebook and Twitter.


And yes, we are working on the final book of The Gauntlet Trilogy! There was some sidetracking and hair pulling, but the authors are back an track and working hard at getting it finished. Thank you so much for your excellent reviews and keeping us motivated.

Feel free to also follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we tend to blather there a bit more than we do here!

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